Why Give

Because you care about history, education, open public space, beautiful gardens, community involvement, public programs and the quality of life.

Take a look at the photo collage below to see what your gifts can do:

What your gift can do

$50 – keeps the lights on in the 1892 Queen Anne Victorian Mansion for one day
$100 – pays for educational booklets for one class’ school tour visit
$250 – pays for bus transportation for one third grade class field trip
$500 – pays for preservation of Adolfo’s parade saddles each year
$1,000 – pays to purchase activity supplies for 1 school year
$2,500 – pays to provide every child an educational activity booklet for 1 school year
$10,000 – pays to send every 3rd grade child in the county for a school tour visit


  • expertly trimmed four 126 year-old Heritage Trees across the property
  • refurbished Dona Isabella’s Virgin of Guadalupe statue in a newly planted garden setting
  • converted all indoor and outdoor lighting on the property to energy-efficient LED
  • resurfaced the floors in our beautifully restored red barn.
  • over 300 guests visited with the Camarillo White Horses during Tales at the Ranch
  • over 1,000 children and their families celebrated Adolfo’s 152nd birthday
  • over 1,800 children learned about life on a historic working ranch during school tours
  • over 2,000 children and their families met Santa and Mrs. Claus in the Ranch House
  • over 3,500 guests enjoyed learning about Camarillo Ranch history on a docent-led tour
  • over 15,000 guests enjoyed our increasingly popular monthly #TBT Food Truck Festival


Expansion of Public Programs

Your gift will fund new programs, creating more things to see and do that are open to the public and offered free of charge.  Our public programs feed our education efforts encouraging families and community members to get to know the property and its rich, vibrant history.

Expansion of Education Programs

Your gift will help us reach our goal of having every third grade class in Ventura County visit the Camarillo Ranch and learn what an important part of California history took place in their own backyard!


Your gift will help us reach out to schools and neighbors who don’t know we’re here!

Heritage Trees

Four trees over 126 years old thrive on the property now.  Your gift will help us plant more heritage trees, creating shade and inspiring awe for the next 100 years.

Virtual Tours

Your gift will help Camarillo Ranch history be accessible for audiences near and far!

Online Archives

Your gift will help us make sure Adolfo’s legacy is preserved for generations to come!

Adolfo Camarillo Leaders' Circle

Dons y Donas $25,000+

Bruce and Janice Fuhrman

Nobles $10,000

Gerald and Joan Olsen

Party Pleasers

R&D Transportation, Charles Devlin

Patrones $5,000

Canteen Vending, Jerry Scott
Darvik Productions
Joani and Dr. Joseph Halcomb, III
Theresa and Ronald McConville
Frank and Sue Naumann
Catheryn Trainer and Fred Phipps
TOLD Corporation

Padrinos $2,500

Camarillo Hotel and Tourism Association
Citizens Business Bank
FitzGerald Ranch
Joan and Dennis Gaiser
Ken Anderson
Michael Drews and Company
Pleasant Valley Lions Club
Premier America Credit Union
Sylvia and Jerry DeVillers
Ventura Investment Company

Alcades $1,000

California Kettle Corn
E.J. Harrison, Myron Harrison
Happy Feet Travel Club
Barbara and Ed Hulac
Kirby Auto Group
Mary and Bill Little
Rosita Marvel *
Susana and Patrick Reeder
Jane and Tom Rozanski
TOLD Foundation
Stephanie Zierhut
Thrivent Financial, Lisa Higginbotham
Ventura Transit System
Lorraine and Carlos Villarreal

Friends of the Ranch

Rancheros $500

Larry and Pam Davis
Frederic and Robin Folino
Joseph and Joani Halcomb, III
John and Carolyn Menne
Jon and Nancy Simmons

Caballeros $250

Robert England
Jaye and Jill Heybl
Michael and Kerry Kelly
James and Nedra Kindig
David Lamb Adolfo
Hillary and Stella Ling
Bill and Mary Little
Michael and Gina Murray
Linnea Piantino

Vaqueros $100

FitzGerald Ranch
Jan and Dale Ackerman
Donna Burger
Elaine Cavaletto
Logan Dalla Betta
Norman and Martha Fahnoe
Helen Faul
Bob Fischer and Kathy Taylor
Louise Fortner
Paul and Peggy Graham
Ira and Lois B. Grooms
William and Ruth Hale
Dean and Rhonda Hardi
Ann Hills
Suzanne Ingram
Randy and Wendy Judd
John Lamb
Don and Raquel Latham
Mark and Terri Lisagor
Don and Diane Maag
Doris Mahan
Arthur and Eloise Mansfield
Bill and Raelene Manzer
Clark and Judi McKay
W. C. Milligan
Ross and Susan Morrison
John and Erika Nash
Susanne Neer
Christopher and Lisa Oliva
Gerald and Joan Olsen
James and Linda  Parker
Robert and Jane Paulger
John and Beverly Pearson
John and Karen Prough
Paul and Michael Rockenstein
David and Brenda Rubright
Bob and Charlean Scudder
Ellen Smith
Craig and Sara Jane Underwood
Susan Williams
Nancy Wood & Rebecca
William and Nancy Worthington
Wim and Yoke Zwinkels
Lois B. Denardo
John and Karen Fraser
Brian and Michelle D’Anna
Ray and Linda Abbott
Helen Andrews
Greg and Karin Farrin
Bob and Donna Lutz
Carol Yung

Amigos $50

Jeanne Adams
Betty Angle
Jack and Lorna Arnot
David and Barbara Burrows
Mrs. Elizabeth Daily
Milton and Heather Daily Jr.
Wayne and Barbara Davey
Terry and Gail De Wolfe
William and Kathleen Dobner
Tom and Shirley FitzGerald
Doris Fournier
David Fowble
Gladys Goertzen
Lee and Karen Herschberg
Walt and Do Kainz
Richard and Donna Keister
John and Julie Laubacher
Joseph and Elizabeth Loll
Jan Maez
Patrick McDermott
Donald and Agatha Miller
Mike and Donna Morgan
Ruth Neumann
Suzanne Osgood
Barbara Perl
Pat Peters
Ted and Val Rains
Donald Reeder
Christine Sanborn
David Schlangen
Barbara Swetek
Pam Tunis
Dick and Charlean Wakefield
Jerry and Galena White
Paul and Mary Wilson
Rose Wisuri
Gail Zehmer